Aging of the New Spirit. Patience is a virtue.


We use a wide and varied selection of Barrels in ageing our Spirits.


We use both American and French Oak, new and used, but all with a very heavy charring of the inside of the Barrels. The Barrels we use for maturing range in a variety of sizes and formats, with the majority of the Barrels used being Barrique or Hogsheads. We also will be using used Brandy and Sherry Barrels as these will impart a different character to the Spirit that is stored in these Barrels.

We age our Dark Spirits for at least 2 years in these Oak Barrels, and there is constant checking and assessment of where the spirit maturity is at whilst still in Barrel, before we deem that a particular Barrel is ready to be Bottled. 

Only once we have decided that a particular spirit is ready to be bottled, be it either a Rum or Whiskey Spirit, will we then make this available for all to enjoy.

Liquor Licence No: LIQW880014730
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