The concept and basic mechanics of distillation are simple, but..


A fermented liquid is heated in a sealed vessel to approximately 80 degrees Celsius, evaporating the alcohols from the liquid.

The alcohols are then re-condensed and collected, yielding the raw spirit.

However, the reality of distillation is extremely complex.

There is virtually no seemingly trivial detail that lacks the potential to affect the end product.

Distillation is a science, and success depends on a great deal of expertise, but craftiness, habit, mother nature, superstition, and luck all play a role!


We here at Golden Lion Distillery use a 746 litre Electric powered Pot Still with a Column Reflux Unit that then passes the alcoholic vapours produced through an independent Cooling Condenser  for collection of the condensed Spirit.


Our Distillation unit, that we have named " Burnsie", was custom designed and built for us by Burns Welding and Fabrication in Griffith, New South Wales.

Liquor Licence No: LIQW880014730
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