Our Superior White Rum is single filtered for taste & smoothness .


Superior White (also known as "silver" or "light"), is a dry light-bodied spirit, clear in color and lightly sweet in flavor.

Ours is made using the same fermentation process as with all of our Cane Spirits, but ours is filtered once before being bottled to capture the freshness of the unaged Spirit.


Key aroma notes : Austere nose, with a slight spicey sweet character. The clarity of the spirit is evident and there is also the slightest waff of swwetness as well.

Basic taste characteristics (sweet, sour/acidic, salty, bitter, umami (savoury) : Sweeter notes persist throughout and some light spicy fruit characters develop on the palate over time. 

Key flavours : Nougat, pralines, vanilla ice cream, creamy, coconut, honeysuckle, orange blossom, orange, lemon oil, mint, peppery, Arabic spices, eucalyptus, cloves, well balanced.

Arrival : Clear and not overpowering

Development: Light spicy notes of sweet fruits develop over short term.

Finish (short ↔ long): Broad, medium length,  light bodied but with depth of flavour and character.

Complexity and balance of flavours: low in aromatics, as it is a clear spirit but with a dry flavour and finish.

Alc/Vol :  45%  - 90 Proof

Superior White Rum 700ml

    Liquor Licence No: LIQW880014730
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