Rum ( Rhum Batterie)


Rum production begins with sugar cane.


To this day, in many parts of the world, mature sugar cane is harvested by hand - gruelling machete work. The harvested cane is promptly transported to the Mill where it is crushed. The crushing extracts the sugar cane juice from the fibrous pulp. 


Now that you have the sugar cane juice, three different things can happen:


One, you can proceed directly to fermenting and distilling the sugar cane juice. 


This is the common practice in the French Caribbean (Martinique and Guadalupe). Understandably, this most direct approach yields spirit that most closely preserves the locations own characteristic within the juice.

Two, you can heat and concentrate the sugar cane juice into a syrup.


This syrup is itself used, more often than not, as a stable sweetening product. However, it can also be used t ferment and  be distilled.

The Style is referred to as Rhum Batterie. We craft our Rum here at Golden Lion Distillery in this fashion.

Three, Molasses, a wonderfully yielding by_product of cane juice extraction. 


Molasses is most commonly used to ferment and then distilled to produce Rum. 

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