Federation Whiskey

Our Federation Whiskey is a blend of Corn and Rye Grains, rested and aged for a period of 2 years for full body and exceptional taste in American/French Oak barrels.
Federation Whiskey, is a  full mouth feeling, beautifully drying throughout.  A beautiful Amber in colour and has a truly grainy nose following through to taste and finish. 


Key aroma notes :  The blending of the two grains has produced a balanced nose with no grain overpowering another.  Barrel ageing has added a sweetness from the heavily charred barrels used.

Basic taste characteristics (sweet, sour/acidic, salty, bitter, umami (savoury) : Drying finish with a very balanced clarity between the ageing and the spirits blending.  Spicy, Sweet, Grainy, Clean.


Key flavours :   An all grain monster.


Arrival : Slight heat from the alcohol dissipating quickly, replaced with grain flavours.

Development: A cleansing drying palette develops over the long term.


Finish (short ↔ long): Long length

Complexity and balance of flavours: High in aromatics, with an Amber clarity not overpowering, very even smooth to drink.


Alc/Vol :  45%  - 90 Proof


Bottle Size : 700 ml

Standard drinks:  24.9

Price : AUD $70.00 per bottle (incl GST)
Liquor Licence No: LIQW880014730
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