Grain Spirits

Grain Spirit Production begins with using the finest ingredients, but is esentially just Grain/s, Water, and Yeast.


The Grains and Water are heated together for about 1 and a half hours to extract all of the sugars from the Grains. 


This sugar laden liquid is then cooled and the Yeast added and allowed to ferment until clarity of the wash has occurred. This mash is now “distiller’s beer.”


At Golden Lion, we go another step and ferment our Grains in the wash,  "on Grain", so as to extract as much flavour as possible during the fermenting process prior to becoming distiller's beer and then ready for the distallation process.


After Distillation, our Grain Spirit is then released as an unaged New Make Spirit, or it is left to mature in New French and American Oak Barrels for a minimum of 2 years prior to release.


Our other Grain Spirits are only released after a minimum of 2 years in Barrel and are not release as new Make Spirit.

Liquor Licence No: LIQW880014730
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